Shopemaa - Developer's first commerce API

Developer’s first commerce API #

The most advanced GraphQL based headless ecommerce platform.

What is GraphQL for eCommerce? #

The use of GraphQL for eCommerce has been beneficial specially for businesses which have adopted a Headless Commerce architecture. Due to the decoupling of the frontend presentation layer from the backend commerce engine, the frontend is heavily dependent of the correct data transfer to the frontend. GraphQL fosters seamless data retrieval on the front-end allow businesses to build more unique experiences. Explore more benefits of GraphQL.

Made for developers #

GraphQL, JAMstack, Next.js and modern front-end tools. We obsess over the right abstractions so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems, or spend months integrating payments functionality. Create beautiful experiences and powerful extensions through the GraphQL API.

eCommerce for Modern Frontends #

GraphQL powered backend for blazing fast headless ecommerce. Craft tailor-made eCommerce experiences for any channel using your favorite frontend framework; React, Next JS, Vue JS, Gatsby, React Native, Nuxt JS, Jamstack.

Bring Your Own Frontend Framework #

Use the frontend framework you love for a personalized and customized online shopping experience that outperforms your competition. Fast with no limits. Great for SEO and customer experience.


GraphQL Playground #